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A Company with A Track Record

Make sure you choose a company that has been around for at least five years. As with all businesses network marketing companies to fold. Some of them don’t sell fast enough to cover the costs of the expenses. Others get shut down by the FTC.
A company without a proven track record lowers its credibility which is something you don’t need in this industry where the only way to succeed is to create credibility. This will make it more difficult to recruit potential customers or business builders into your organization.
Cash flow may be a problem for your company, and they may not send out checks on time or at all. This will devastate any business you have grown. The company may not have professional training or sales tools to help you succeed.
Typically their prices will be too high for many people to afford. You want most of your customers to be customers that are purchasing because they like the products. If they perceive the products to be cost prohibitive, this will affect your ability to enroll and retain customers in your organization.
You want a company that cares about the success of its business builders because if you can show people how successful you have been as well as how successful others have been, it will be easier to enroll customers into your opportunity.